Brionna Jimerson


7.27LIBROSBrionna Jimerson is the Social Media Analyst at ABC News,  VP of New York Association of Black Journalists….and podcaster.  She lives, works, and thrives at the intersection of media and public service. Brionna is constantly experimenting with data-inspired ways to disrupt journalism and connect social news audiences with engaging, relevant journalism and new avenues of storytelling. She was previously an Assistant Producer at NBC News (Today Show and Dateline NBC and NBC News Special Projects), and on the multiplatform team at NPR in Boston (“Here & Now”). Brionna’s work has appeared on,, and in The New York Observer.

Brionna Jimerson's Big GlassesA St. Louis native and graduate of Tufts University (#FirstGenerationCollegeStudent), Brionna was the first black woman to serve as Managing Editor in The Tufts Daily’s 23-year history. Brionna is driven by her unyielding passion for uniting black journalists with resources, opportunities, and each other.

Brionna Jimerson's Profile Is Stunning

When she’s not brooding over Maya Angelou poems or the latest Anthropologie catalogue, imagining a day when she can purchase the clothes at full-price, Brionna enjoys humongous cups of tea, actually reading news articles and stories online, thumbing through a new book, and being as efficient as possible (a work in progress). Contact via email at and Twitter @brionnajay.
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