Brionna J.: Haikus on Inspiration

Since my freshman year of college, I’ve been (mildly) obsessed with the art of the haiku. It started as an inside joke with some college friends, but grew into a ritual–I sometimes create haikus without realizing it!!

After seeing Beau Sia perform at Tufts my freshman year, my friends and I became completely enamored with the perfect brevity of the haiku, and how it’s almost always ‘deep’, even when it’s not. The syllabic limitations (5 syllables in first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the last) make you consider the essence of exactly you want to say–without room for filler words, it’s hard to be honest!


I’d like to try to make haikus about my inspirations/ big things for me in this class/ topics I’d like to explore: privilege, class-jumping, invisible people, domestic spaces, and the illusion of security.



born with or without

raised in aspiration, or

coddled in failure.


(the act/ life experience of raising your social or economic class status, often done through marriage or education) ::

Wealth can buy you a

ticket, but not ensure your

seat. sit on the floor.

Invisible People

In fly-over states

(Kansas, Utah, Missouri),


I’ll update with other haiku’s later in the week. These aren’t meant to be incredibly probing and symbolic, but I feel that by their very nature, they are.!/BeauSia

^^^link to poet Beau Sia’s twitter. he tweets in haiku. i challenge you to do it too!

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