Brionna J.: Being Art as Process: Photos from last week with Sarah

Some shots of us being ‘art as process’, in my opinion. Sarah came and spoke with us on her work, and the sometimes delightful futility of being an artist. I realized that I sometimes hold prejudices against professional artists, and consider some of them to be wasteful, self-centered showcases of themselves. Not true. The same way that some may feel called to be a preacher, a doctor, or college admissions adviser, others are called to be artists, and live their craft.

Push gently, please
To the the...pillars?

I wonder what it feels like, to be so connected with your craft, so inescapably intimate. Office workers can punch out at 5pm, leave their briefcase in the car, and assume a life of leisure and casual perusal. Teachers can push aside mounds of papers, and play sodoku. But what release is their for the artist? What relief for those whose very bodies are testiments of their craft?

Take the stairs!

Am I strong enough to be an artist?

Enough of me. PHOTOS!

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