Brionna J.: My Responses to Lily’s Questions

I thought my answers were really telling of my interests, so I decided to post my rationale on this blog. More for myself, to flesh it all out and get out of my own head, than for the class. Either way. This is an extension of my research file, so THERE! I know everyone likes pictures, so I’ve included pictures, just cuz.

  1.  List of things you dislike but do anyway
    1.   homework
    2. trying to “fix” Tufts
    3. giving money
    4. saving money
    5. sharing
    6. being empathetic
Summer in New York. Just cuz.

Routine habits you do but don’t know why you continue 

  1. Thinking about my future/ marriage
  2. being mean/ judgmental and superior moral attitude
  3. saying “I’m sorry” all the time, unnecessarily/ as a reflex
  4. spending a lot of money
  5. manipulation others emotionally
  6. sassyness
  7. eating copious amounts of food
  8. giving money
Who doesn’t want to be a member of the Cosby family??
Favorite Films and Books
  1. Mildred Pierce (1940s), film about striving, emotional manipulation, family struggle
  2. Armageddon, film about disaster, inspiration, responsibility, conferred dominance
  3. 500 Days of Summer, film about selfishness, domesticity, youth, privilege, fear
  4. All About Eve (1950s), film about striving, personal fulfillment, recognition
  5. The Holy Bible, book about…EVERYTHING! Love, fear, grace, reassurance, struggle
  6. Too Big to Fail, book about responsibility (or lack thereof), diffusion of responsibility
  7. Madame Bovary, book about striving, family relations, self fufillment, social norms, gender roles
pivotal scene from All About Eve
<–Clip from Mildred Pierce
500 Days of Summer; from Postsecret
Problems you see in the world around you
  1. incredibly disturbing levels of apathy/ diffusion of responsibility
  2. misguided and misdirected momentum
  3. general discontent and listlessness…
  4. too much money, not enough problems
This man knows what I'm talkin' about...
  • disconent
  • domesticity/ domestic spaces
  • striving/ aspiration
  • family struggle
  • dispellign rights and privileges
  • institutions of power (careers, home, family, etc)
  • over-stimulation
  • being
  • class jumping
  • emotioanl manipulation
  • make-your-own-life (a la Lorianne Simmons)

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