Christmas Morning Live-blogging.

8:24 am: Woke up about 10 minutes ago after much prodding, made my way downstairs to the Charlie Brown theme song. Good Morning, Jesus!

8:30 am: First gift of the season: a copy of Essence Magazine, Decor magazine, and Small Room Decorating. Winning. Leah “Santa” Keith-Clause knows me well.

8:31 am: KAHLUA CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!111 #alcoholischocolatey.

8:35 am: So funny. A mylar blanket. I always go on about how cold I am in their PA house, I suppose this is a way for the family to collectively gift me an excuse to never say I’m cold again. Thanks, Cohen fam. Thanks a lot.

8:38 am: Well, someone just got an iPad. And someone else just watched the quick demise of her relationship. I lost to a piece of Apple propaganda.

8:40 am: With at least 3 books/ mags about guns, it’s official, I’m a free agent. The boyfriend has no reason to leave the bathroom ever again. It’s been real.

9:00 am: Pièce de résistance: a burnt orange Coach bag, and a J Crew blazer= Wonderful. Exquisite. Classy, like the soon-to-be 21 year-old I am.

9:30 am: Breakfast of salmon and bagels, and the obligatory morning Cracked with A.C.

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