An Obligatory New Years Eve post.

2011 snuck up on us, just to slip by, there’s no denying it. But  for some reason, the new year didn’t seem to bring the revelry and cheer it usually denotes. It was my first New Year’s Eve as a “full fledged adult”–I turned 21 the day after Christmas–and I buried my 2012 woes in a mix of Malibu coconut rum (um…adult candy in a bottle) mixed with pineapple juice, and promptly fell asleep around 1:00 AM. Good times.

Happy birthday, 2012.

Anyway, I decided to forego traditional New Year’s Resolutions–much of what I would resolve to do, I’m presently working on (finding an internship, saving money, learning to manage my time better, becoming more prepared and a more confident speaker, etc). I spent the holiday in Oklahoma City with family, not in NYC watching the ball drop (all the way from the UWS. I think my view would have been blocked).

Most things are looking up for 2012.


  • Get published in The Boston Phoenix, and branch out my on-campus writing from only The Daily to other outlets–the Tufts Observer, The Traveler. Never hurts to branch out and gain practice writing long-form features!
  • AWESOME. BOMB. INTERNSHIP. Most likely in New York City. I’ll be in France until late-June, so I’m praying for a *paid* position that allows me to start then.
  • As a full editor at The Daily, I’ll be doing a lot of “hand-holding” with my assigned writers. I can’t wait to lead them on their first interviews, etc, and watch them take the reigns for themselves! Looking forward to being a proud journalist mama!

Let’s see what happens.


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