Allergic to Politics? Time to Stop Sipping on the Bicameral Syrup

Take the Red Pill. WARNING: nausea should be expected.

My internet homepage is The New York Times. In these wee hours, after checking my semester grades online (hint: winning), I clicked on the homepage link. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually read  the homepage unless I’m looking for something in particular, or have time like that–I look at the largest images, read its caption, and click off into the dark abyss of the interwebs (oh, hey there,

Tonight, well, this morning’s headline reads “Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes“.

FACT: I knew the Iowa Caucus was happening.

FACT: I can name all the GOP candidates, and I have a basic understanding of their political and social positions, etc.

FACT: I’m not very “political”, with respect to of parties,leaders, etc. on a national level. I prefer local political leaders to CNN-type talking heads.

FACT: This has to change. At 21 years of age, as an American Studies student, a writer and a participant in the political system, my self-induced naivety is officially no longer acceptable. I need to be informed, and carefully consume political media and messages, instead of regurgitating whatever the hot politcal columnist of the day has wittingly pieced together, with two parts snarkiness and one part informed and objective input.

Moral of the story: I’m in. Whose got next?!? Any more red pills left?!?

One of these is NOT NyQuil.

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