Cruising the Political Ebb and Flow: Update

Since the beginning of the month, and with the onset of the presidential election perfectly solidified (for better or for worse), I vowed to become more politically aware and informed.

It’s an ordeal.

Go ahead. Google “2012 election”. And sift through the crap. Don’t wade too deep, you’ll find yourself entrenched. Promise. Wikipedia has been something of a God-send, and I’ve fact-checked/ double checked most of its claims.

I’ve told a select few with clear heads about my endeavor. Since going away to college, I’ve noticed my laxity in dissecting national news–I’m more concerned with state and local matters. Anyway, it’s been difficult. I think I picked the wrong week to try to follow politics, there’s been so much fluctuation and movement surrounding Presidential 2012.

I’ll keep updates on this journey coming along! Sorry for my absence, I’m still trying to figure out what is “journal-worthy” and what is “blog-worthy”. Work with me, people!



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