Live-blogging State of the Union Address

My first public foray into understanding national politics/ becoming more “politically aware”, for my own understanding and education. Let’s go. I’m prepping to watch The State of the Union with Tufts IPC (a group from Tisch Scholars/ Tisch College of Active Citizenship), and, with any luck, I won’t be that girl who doesn’t know the names of the cabinet members…because, y’know, that’d be a crime.

No, not that State of the Union...sheesh.

Pre-Speech Mingling:

8:55 pm: Mingling with old friends and new, discussing what would happen if the SOTU became a “Trapped in the Closet”-esque music video. We’re all in support.

9:05 pm: Expectations: a few blanket statements, some abstract….oh! OHSHIT! It’s STARTING!

9:10 pm: The pres is most DEFINITELY getting some tonight. Just so you know.

9:15: Ah, the G.I. Bill. Lovely. Too bad countless American heroes of color were excluded from reaping its benefits. #awshucks.

9:17: I wonder how awkward it is for Biden to appear enthused and engaged by the back of President Obama’s head. Just curious.

9:18: “In the last 25 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs.”  Standing-ovation worthy? Yes. Needs a standing ovation? No.

9:22: If I’d played the HuffPo drinking game, I think I’d be a smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge tipsy. Already.

9:24: Fact. John Kerry looks like…well…you see what he looks like. Speculation from IPC attendees:

  • He went to Detroit, with President Obama’s blessings. Then Toledo. Then Chicago. And just stood there, taking hits.

9:29: Sounds like President Obama has his academic and economic ducks in a row, especially regarding Community Colleges. “Time to turn our unemployment system into a re-employment system that puts people to work.”

9:33: …Student loans double in July?!?!?

9:42: The Twitter feed is blowing up and imploding on itself like a dying star of quips and soundbites. Fascinating! So far, I’m appreciating President Obama’s very realistic and natural way of speaking. It’s as though he understands the train of thought of his viewers, critics, and voters.

9:45: …”keeps her from selling her products all over the world.” “Her”. Appreciating the female pronoun drop!

9:56: Do we think Pres. Obama will mention Occupy/ OWS?

9:57: “If you’re earning a million dollars a year, you shouldn’t get special tax cuts and subsidies.” Whelp, there go my plans to marry up.

9:57: “98% of Americans make less than $200,000″…soooooooooooooclose. SOclose.

So....are we occupying, or....?

10:00: Somewhere in Washington, there’s’ a smart-ass intern prepping and researching for all these bills that are going to come across Pres. Obama’s desk tomorrow. Hump-day blues comin’ his way!

10:07: Let the church of D.C. power-players stand up, kneel, sit down, stand up, kneel, sit down, stand up, kneel, sit down. Clap in peace.

10:16 pm: ….and cut. I’ll update later tomorrow with my thoughts, once I process this event. For now, silence and contemplation. And some left-over pizza. Republican rebuttle?

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