Purging for Spring 2012: don’t watch. It’ll just hurt more.

Spring cleaning, indeed. In the photo above, you’ll see copies of the Tufts Daily, all with articles I’ve written. They’ve amassed since my freshman fall, to over 200 copies of newspapers. 225 to be exact. You’re only seeing a portion of the mayhem. By the end of my purge, I was mid-calf-deep in papers (all recycled, of course. -_-) I typically save three copies of each Daily newspaper where one of my articles is featured (writers are so selfish, I know). In the beginning, I’d grab a STACK (and I mean STACK) of articles, and sign my signature on each copy before neatly packing them away in cardboard boxes. Yes, I’m becing completely serious. Somewhere along the way, the initial shock and Kool-Aid smile at seeing my name in print wore off, and I settled on saving digital PDF’s and links to all my pieces. I still grab at least 2 copies of each paper, for posterity, and also in the off-chance that one day the entire Tufts Daily archives of PDFs and issu.com copies of the paper are wiped from the face of the earth, and no one will ever believe I got my start at a college newspaper. Because, you know, it could happen.

Anyway, with the new semester, a new job, and the same ol’ dumpy room, I decided to do some spring cleaning! Papers from my Spanish 1 class, worksheets from Biological Anthropology, all of it went. I salvaged any papers (longer than 3 pages), all copies of tests, and my notebooks, though. I’m not ready to part with those.

Packrats of the world unite.

2 thoughts on “Purging for Spring 2012: don’t watch. It’ll just hurt more.

  1. when you come home can you help me spring clean my computer room. I would do it but,I can’t find the door!! LOL Good job dear!!

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