Meanwhile, in France…

Hello, readers!

There’s no excuse for my neglect, and for this I’m sorry. The semester ended somewhat messily, but all is done, and behind me. What’s new:

  • I”m a co-exec for the Tufts Daily New Media Department! I’ll still stay on as a News editor, but not on the masthead (can’t be on the masthead as the Exec of a section and also an editor in another section).
  • Courses are OVER, and I can breathe.
  • My quest to be more political has taken a turn. I’ve been monitoring the election a bit, but I think it’s about to get messy and awful catty, as evidenced by this NYT article that had me up in arms. So much wrong. So little time to explain.

Oh, where am I? Talloires, France.

The view on the way to Talloires from Geneva

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