So…what’s new with you?

VIDEO: Parapenting magic! 

Parapenting in Talloires!

What’s new with me (please, feign interest. It’ll make it go by faster):

  • I’ve been in Talloires, France for about a month now, enjoying the sun, the beach, classes, and the nectar of the heavens: French food. I’ve yet to consume something that I downright didn’t like. Yes, I like some dishes better than others, but I haven’t eaten anything legitimately nasty, or shoddy.
  • I have no idea how I’m going to function back in The States without pain du chocolat everyday, and bauguettes damn-near on demand, and without my wonderful host family watching out for me day and night.
  • My Environmental Economic Policy course has been so fascinating. I’ve never taken an Econ course before, and for good reason. But I’m overjoyed that I’m learning applicable economic theory in this class, and gaining insight into how the environment is regulated, both politically and economically. The course warrants its own blog post.
  • The English Non-fiction writing class also warrants a blog post. Or perhaps a (personal) journal entry. I think the latter. I’ll leave it at that. My thoughts on that class aren’t fit for the interweb. I’ll say this: it’s been a process, and I’m happy I’ve had the chance to explore my past through non-fiction writing. The class has helped me process my time here in Talloires, and has provided a few good friends. I’m a happy writer.

Once I return stateside, it’s off to start an internship at a TV station in Boston, and back to the realities of statelife, sans daily pain du chocolat.

Don’t cry for me.


PS: Don’t believe that I’m having the time of my life?? Well, how about some photos? 

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