France in Photos

I’ve been home for just over three weeks, and already Talloires feels like a distant, plesant memory, a place I was, once, where I “did” my study abroad, ate some cheese, took some classes, travelled to Paris and around the Haute-Savoie region, went hiking…

To people who ask, that’s all Talloires is: a sentence or two of highlights, accompanied by a whistful, dreamy look in my eyes as I muse privately on the experience. But few want to hear about my sleepless nights in France, the way the sun kissed me good morning almost each day, my struggles in EC30, and the like. But, we can all agree on photos. Talloires was necessary for my growth, and one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. It was unquantifiable, indescribable disconcerting, sensual, delicious, stifling, reassuring. It was a seven-week long contradiction, and my GOD the food was perfection.

Oh. I did work on my thesis while in Talloires. More on that later. For now, photos.

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One thought on “France in Photos

  1. Hey Bree greeeat shots.You look great. I miss you.If you come home again and I dont see you its on!!LOL Cont. to do great

    Love ya

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