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Updates: School has begun *cue the Scream 2-esque freakouts and fear*, I’m still a News editor, but my primary focus is execing New Media. So far, so good! Once I get into my academic groove I’ll be able to focus intensely on NM, and The Daily.

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This weekend in Davis Square


This weekend, don’t let your fun begin and end at Fall Ball! Take time to explore the newest arrivals in Davis Square, while you still have time to spare! Whether it’s for a study break or a full-blown adventure, get to know Davis on a more intimate level, and you’ll find the Square has much more to offer besides the T station and CVS.


iYo Cafe

The latest in self-serve yogurt, the locally-owned iYo Cafe’ is a double hitter, serving yogurt AND espresso that some Tufts students can only describe as “addictive in the most beautiful way.” The establishment has been open for just over a month, but already has built up significant foot traffic in the Somerville community. Clyde Swarsden, a Somerville native and high school student, said he ventures into Davis at least twice a week for “a two-fer: brain freeze and caffeine fix!” 234 Elm Street, 617-688-2407


The Painted Burro Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Amidst the microbrewery craft beers and seemingly endless stream of creative tapas and small plates in Davis, The Painted Burro is a welcome change from the usual Tex-Mex style fare. Yes, they serve empanadas. Yes, the on-tap margaritas already have a cult-like following of Somerville and Cambridge folks who head to The Painted Burro after 5 pm, like clockwork. But The Painted Burro’s  Mexican beer and tequila selection is sure to convert even the most staunch Jose Cuervo devotee! The restaurant features an ever-evolving menu of Latin American options that transcend the expected mainstays, and includes inventive flavors like  the “pork ‘conchinta’, a pork and spicy citrus achiote served with pineapple and serrano salsa. Check out The Painted Burro for brunch or dinner! Open for brunch from 11am- 2pm, open daily from 5pm-1am. 219 Elm Street, for reservations call 617-776-0005


Amsterdam Falafelshop

Finally! A grab-and-go restaurant to give Anna’s Taqueria a run for its money! Amsterdam arrived in Davis over the summer, and since has been making the rounds with the lunch crowd, and those seeking nourishment (a la Moe’s) just before the bars close. For just under $7.00, you can be the proud (though temporary!) owner of a falafel pita that’s bursting forth with your choice of fresh veggies, hummus, and tender falafel balls. Not to mention they serve traditional Belgian style ‘frites’ (french fries) with delectable sauces like curry ketchup and garlic cream. Why are you still reading this? Go NOW! 248 Elm Street., 617-764-3334



Punjabi Grill

Punjabi is one of the newest arrivals to Davis, having only a couple of weeks under its belt. But this Pakistani and Indian cuisine restaurant’s spectacular lunch buffet is bound to make Punjabi a mainstay in Davis. The Bihari chicken was a big hit for Somerville resident and Punjabi enthusiast Rusty Gershwin, who “has carved out a small monthly budget for Punjabi, it’s just that good!”  Punjabi’s Pakistani selection is perhaps the best in Boston, to date. With dishes served up in both Indian and Pakistani culinary style, you’ll be hard pressed to find a flavor that’s not at once challenging and delicious. 236 Elm Street, 617-718-1599

The Davis Flea, Sundays, 10am-4pm

Davis Flea

No matter your class year, the Davis Flea may be a new sight for you, and it’s definitely one worth seeing! A weekly market that began in earnest this summer, The Davis Flea features vendors from the area, selling their wares both old and new, at remarkably low prices. Being hip has never been this easy! Buy some vintage-inspired jewelry, antique flatware (there’s a stall for those), fresh produce, or just peruse the vendors’ wares for whatever catches your eye. 52 Holland Street

Photos by Jodi Bosin / The Tufts Daily

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