And now, for something completely different!

A few things have been saving my life lately (aside from the obvious, of course ;-))

1. My Black Feminist Theories readings. No words. But I’ll try to find them. Essentially, there’s nothing quite as empowering, awe-inspiring, and frightening as reading the stories, histories, research, findings, etc of black women regarding what it means to be a feminist, to be pro-active, to be unbought and unbossed (iseeyouMrs.Chisolm!), and RESILLIENT. There are spaces in my intellectual self that I knew were empty, and resigned myself to that arid nothingness. But now, moment by moment, reflection by reflection, those empty spaces are being lovingly and divinely filled. And it feels like coming (going?) home!

2. Contemporary musical theatre is life. For all its social-structural issues, the elitism that seems inherent in some theatre circles, few things put a smile on my face like hearing “Shiksa Goddess” from The Last Five Years, or “Defying Gravity”. 🙂 If Black Feminist Theories (BFT) is my bread, Broadway is my pack of Sour Patch Kids that I eat when I’m not hungry, but want something to nosh on.

3. This kid I’ve been dating for almost two and a half years is pretty cool. I think I’ll keep him around. He makes good sandwiches and drinks good beer. Got a winner!

4. The Daily. The Daily is a living, breathing piece of me now. I know that. Lately I’ve had to confront concerns regarding a future in journalism, and so far I’m proud of myself and my work. The goal is to remember WHY I write, for WHOM I write, and that it’s just wonderful to have some fun now and then. #NewMedia

#5. My small leather journal is a saving grace, a willing listener with nothing better to do than collect my harried thoughts, and keep them all on the QT. Yes, I said (wrote) QT in 2012. Problem? None here! Starting keeping a journal in college has perhaps been one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. Since that fateful day in English class, March 2010 when I had nothing better to do than write out my ‘daily musings’, I’ve filled over 5 notebooks with lists, lists of lists, insecurities, recipes, thoughts, notes, reflections, and doodles.

So, this post is about as personal as I’ll get on this blog (for now). I’m reconfiguring myself, my online self, and the identities I embody each day. This site will change with me. However, I much prefer to angst it out in my journal and in my prayers, not all over the interwebs. That’s what LiveJournal is was for.

Be still,


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