The Presidential Debate, through the lens of my Twitter

Tonight, while watching the debates, I have my Facebook and Twitter pages open, and both are overflowing with quips, quick memes, and reactions.This new lens of political engagement is fascinating, as a generation of activists and slacktivists take to their keyboards and burn up the servers with 140 characters or less, and overstuff my newsfeed with social-political whimsy.

9:54: I came late to the game, so far, my Facebook tells me:

1. Obama is indeed not Big Bird.

2. Trump is a welfare queen (from Facebook: “WHY didn’t anyone think of calling it “corporate welfare” before????? Donald Trump, welfare queen!”)

10:12: “Big Bird” is trending on Twitter.

10:15: “Two minutes on the role of government,” says the moderator. Ok. Let’s go.

10:18: @ljoywilliams: 15 minutes left and no 47% mention??? #TWIB2012 #debate

10:19: @justinpequeno: YES LET’S TALK ABOUT EDUCATION!

10:21: IMANI ABL @AngryBlack Lady: Romney: “Poor kids.” “I mean lower-income kids.” “I mean ragamuffins.” “Hey Jeeves! WHAT ARE WE CALLING THOSE PEOPLE NOW?” #debates
10:23: Kelvin Perez Macario: “FAIL. Romney quotes the Declaration of Independence and called it the Constitution
10:26: I don’t think these anecdotes draw the resonance the candidates think they do…they seem like stalling tactics, false equations, skirting.

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