Scandal 3/21 Live-blogging

10:01: …aaaaaand we’re back! After almost a month, Scadal is back, and so is my black Twitter! For about an hour a week (yeah, it’s sad but I relish in it), my Twitterverse (read: the folks who MATTER and aren’t Hootsuite-ing and TweetDeck-ing corps) is alive and well, and everyone has #Scandal on their fingertips. 

10:01: “She’s sending someone in named Olivia Pope” is code for “YOU ARE WELCOME”.

From episode “Boom Goes The Dynamite”, dress by Escada, swag by Kerry Washington

10:03: Olivia stays in black and white, with a perfect lip. Can I have her closet? Hell, can I have her Goodwill donation bags?

10:09: Ok, this opening isn’t the strongest. Keeps you roped in, but the little one screaming in the beginning threw me (and my Twitter game) off.

10:10: (From my Twitter feed):Kimberly N. Foster ‏@KimberlyNFoster Whew Shonda hit the nail on the head with that microaggression

10:13: Oh, Mellie, please take a nap. Take that child with you.

10:17: Teehee! Whenever they cue up the oldies, it means something deliciously problematic is brewing!
10:23: So kids grow about 5 months in 3 weeks? Duly noted.
10:25: Mellie deflates the mood. All day. Every day. The President is waiting…”for me”.
10:29: Columbus Short is leaping on this diving board he’s created for himself! He’s been on Black America’s radar for YEARS (along with Ms. Kerry Washington), but those primetime eyes “create” stardom.
10:33: Huck and Quinn flirting over spy work!
10:35: Fitz and his brown liquor, Harrison twirling his cell incessantly…brilliant character branding. 
10:40 The Root ‏@TheRoot247 : Notice how this couple is fighting in the background over honesty while Fitz and Olivia try to hash out their … issues #scandal
10:41: Ohhhyeah, Scandal in the dark. No. Really. In the dark. I can’t see Scandal. The TV went out, only audio. This is thoroughly unfulfilling.
10:43: Storyline aside (really? Not the best…), I hate how Olivia never really eats. We see her taking wine to the face and with a bowl of popcorn in arm’s reach, and we watch as others eat *around* her, but she never eats. This just perpetuates her as the self-deprecating “superwoman”, busy tending to everyone else. What’s Olivia like on her own?
10:57: Great writing. Always. Great writing. From “stolen moments” to this episode, Olivia is always speaking her own life when talking with clients. This is her therapy.
10:58: Dear Jake,
Pick a side, and play it right.
Sincerely, B
10:59: Reason #4962 why I do my own laundry. Quinn is such a noob, but Huck isn’t gonna let her out of his sight.
Alright, we’re done, I’m still breathing and Puerto Rico is still gorgeous (oh, yeah I took an hour off of vacation to watch Scandal. Worth it. This show does so much to me, as a black woman, a pre-professional and socially mobile woman, and a TV fan, I can’t even. But I must. I will. In time. 

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