“Scandal” Live-blogging 5/2

It’s going down.

Mellie is threatening to expose Fitz and Olivia on live TV unless he lives Olivia. Spoiler alert: Cyrus is probably the mole. Huck is feeling a bit better, thank God, and I noticed Ms. Quinn has discovered eyeliner and lip tint. Jake is following Olivia around as per Fitz’s request, but he wants in on her life. Cyrus is living in the wee hours doing damage control between Mellie and Fitz. Here we go!

10:05: Abby, you’re officially unhepful and useless.

10:07: Mellie lost that baby weight, triple chin, and got some new clothes!

10:12: Charlie is all about pastries and sweets…a man after my own heart.

10:22: “If you want me, EARN ME!”

10:26: “The last woman to sleep with the President ended up dead in the Patomac. I want you alive.” -Huck is about his business.

10:27: GUYS. Guys. Lest we forget, wisdom from Olivia circa 2×15 (Boom Goes The Dynamite): “Let Mellie be.” #Scandal

10:30:…I officially cannot.

10:45: Fitz loves being President more than he loves Olivia. Stepping down, time to watch like a normal person.

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