Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.

It’s beginning to feel like the blog section of this site is a compilation of “Wait! Serious! It gets better I’ll get better!” posts, with lots of promises and good intentions.

The road to blog/website failure is paved with good intentions. Such is my life.

But no, seriously guys, it’s about to get better, know why?


*Cue every get-pumped-up Yeezy song, beginning with “Good Life“, then imagine me doing the Diddy Jet Dance*


Yes! It’s officially a wrap, I’m a college graduate. Tufts definitely felt like four years of my life, and I’m so much stronger for it. Not even being insincere. But I didn’t feel any of that “ohnooo, college is overrrr, it’s sooo saaaad” mess.  More than anything I’ll miss my absolute best friends and support system and those rare reading lists/syllabi where EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT seemed interesting and valuable,  but I’m not feeling all “what will I do without a meal plan?” about the situation.


I’ve been out for about 3 weeks now, and the day after Commencement, I finished packing up my room and high-tailed it out of Boston with Adam, and before 1 pm we were zooming down 1-95 on the way to New York, jamming (yes, jamming) to Colbie Callait, KEM, and Eminem. Because that’s exactly how we roll.

Just a couple days after leaving campus, I swear my soul felt less inundated. I sent out my “change of email address” emails. It felt almost squeaky clean.

After a quick few days in New York spent wrapping my head around the amazing vacation/trip I was about to take with A., we left France, then Morocco, then Spain for about 2 weeks of international frolicking (code: eating, watching the Monaco Grand Prix, watching Scandal in the hotel rooms, and angsting over camel rides gone awry). Still debating with myself about uploading the photos and sharing about it, but no worries I remember everything, even the skeezy Swedes who refilled my glass of rose after each sip, and seemed hell-bent on getting us on their “yacht” after the first day of GP, enticing us with thinly-veiled promises of “aaaahgoodtime,eh?” and a casual mention of cocaine. There’s nothing casual about cocaine.

EVIDENCE (of trip, not cocaine):

Now I’m back in Boston, working with Boston’s NPR station WBUR 90.9 on the digital/multiplatform team–a bit of photoshopping,  some coding, lots of copy-and-paste, writing, webifying stories and “building them out”. I don’t know how many people truly appreciate how complex radio storytelling is–the concept of telling stories and creative narratives solely with SOUND–every audio cut is timed to the second, eliciting human emotion using the human voice as the medium–ok, I need to stop before I get all pseud0-poetic about the wonders of the airwaves. is really taking on the concept of being multiplatform–creating the right story concept and highlights of a single story and enhancing it so that it is perfect for each platform, and in just two days I’ve learned so much. Let’s see how much damage I’ll do with a couple more weeks under my belt! P.S., WBUR is ON Whitey Bulger.

I’ve carved out not-at-work time in my schedule, and I’m calling it “Professional and Personal Development”, also known as “No, Brionna don’t watch ‘Scandal’ again but go write, figure things out, learn some new stuff,and read”. The post-graduation Colbie Callait moment has extended on for three weeks now, and I have time to work on my summer resolutions and post-grad goals. And I have a lot of them.

EVIDENCE: Some light June reading.

I think you’re thoroughly updated!

Also, today I’m feeling very pretty so I went on a selfie rampage. Sorry not sorry.



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