Brionna’s Story


Brionna Jimerson Gets A Blowout

The details:

  • I care about justice, in all facets of one’s existence. I’m exploring the depths of an individual’s identities, and the intersections between education, class mobility, and race are fascinating.
  • I wrote and published my first poem at 8, titled, “Still I Rise, Part II”, inspired my Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”. I’m trying to find that 8 year-old again.
  • I fight fiercely to call out and dismantle systems that destory the mental, physical, social selves of both those I love and complete strangers. Because it’s the necessary thing to do.
  • “The Real Housewives of *insert medium-to-large-urban area-here*” will be my undoing.
  • I choose to advocate and educate through writing, community organizing, and being a troublemaker of the best kind. My method may differ from someone else’s, but it’s no less essential, and no less rewarding.
  • My professional joy comes from sitting in, standing up, acting out, participating, transcribing, coordinating logistics, multitasking,  producing quality and meaningful content, color-coding, eating the leftovers, pairing verbs with adverbs, and supporting my writers, friends, and colleagues.

Listen. Follow. Read. Buckle up. 


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