I Have High Expectations: Summer Resolutions

Summahsummahsummahtime! YAAS! Officially, unforgivingly, without-a-doubt summertime. In my mind, it’s been summer since May 19, 2013 and the past month has flown by. Summer is the perfect time to take stock of goals and ambitions, and it feels MUCH less committal and judgmental than January 1st/ New Year’s Resolutions. As part of my “Personal and ProfessionalContinue reading “I Have High Expectations: Summer Resolutions”

Blogging While Brown 2013: Conference creates innovative atmosphere for blacks in online media

This conference snuck up on me, I am still bummed I couldn’t make it! Read on about the Blogging While Brown 2013 conference, a necessary and inspirational event that highlighted, focused on, AND SHOWERED LOVE ON brown bloggers, media folk, journalists, advocates, and the like.

Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.

It’s beginning to feel like the blog section of this site is a compilation of “Wait! Serious! It gets better I’ll get better!” posts, with lots of promises and good intentions. The road to blog/website failure is paved with good intentions. Such is my life. But no, seriously guys, it’s about to get better, knowContinue reading “Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.”

Mag Love: ESSENCE April and May issues

I don’t exactly read magazines, I devour them, classy glossy perfume inserts and all. How-to guides, exercise cards and recipe tear-outs abound on my refrigerator and walls, and spill over into manilla folders that date back to 2008 (yes I’ve been hoarding content since I was 17). I’m not shy about my love for ESSENCEContinue reading “Mag Love: ESSENCE April and May issues”

Freelance: Scooter magazine kid lit reviews

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to upload this, but TA-DA! Check it out–my freelance book reviews for Scooter magazine’s spring 2013 issue. I swear, reading Scooter makes me long for the privileged and plush lifestyle of the city’s finest kids…that I never had. It’s a Missouri thing. So when Editor-in-Chief Peter Feld asked me to re-join theContinue reading “Freelance: Scooter magazine kid lit reviews”

“Scandal” Live-blogging 5/2

Mellie is threatening to expose Fitz and Olivia on live TV unless he lives Olivia. Spoiler alert: Cyrus is probably the mole. Huck is feeling a bit better, thank God, and I noticed Ms. Quinn has discovered eyeliner and lip tint. Jake is following Olivia around as per Fitz’s request, but he wants in on herContinue reading ““Scandal” Live-blogging 5/2″

Scandal Season 2 Finale Press Release!

Great way to start the week, a tease from the Scandal team about the season 2 finale in three weeks! Also, does anyone else love the look of Kerry’s lips when she says “Fitz”? RELEASE: OLIVIA AND HER TEAM FIND THEMSELVES IN DANGER, ON THE SEASON FINALE OF ABC’S “SCANDAL” “White Hat’s Back On” –Continue reading “Scandal Season 2 Finale Press Release!”

My Tufts Daily Column (4/25): It’s Complicated…But Not Really

Guys, so many feelings about all this, and updates on my role at the Daily. Know that even in this column, I was censored and threatened that my words wouldn’t see the light of…print…? For now just read and tell me what you think. Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders It’s… complicated. But not really.Continue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (4/25): It’s Complicated…But Not Really”

My Tufts Daily column (4/11): Seeing through the optics of whiteness, a love letter to Black Tufts, and the erasure in “incidents”

My Tufts Daily column, about Black people at Tufts, the white gaze, and the erasure in  “incidents”, complete with honesty (how refreshing!) Check back tonight about the process of writing this column, and more candid musings on the difficult miracle of, well, being.  Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders A truly purpose-driven love letter Published: Thursday,Continue reading “My Tufts Daily column (4/11): Seeing through the optics of whiteness, a love letter to Black Tufts, and the erasure in “incidents””

The “A New Scandal Starts Now” Effect

For the first time since Real World Las Vegas (mygodwhoAMI??), I find myself tuning in at a regularly scheduled time to watch a show on TV. That show is Scandal. It owns me. This is “The Scandal Effect” Last week I didn’t see the whole “Jake removes and resets the camera in Olivia’s house whileContinue reading “The “A New Scandal Starts Now” Effect”

My Tufts Daily column (3/28): Degrees of Separation

Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders Degrees of separation   Published: Thursday, March 28, 2013 When I was applying to colleges, none of my potentially first−generation college−bound friends had the nerve to entertain the thought of a gap year. I never thought critically about the prospect of volunteering on a political campaign or working full−time atContinue reading “My Tufts Daily column (3/28): Degrees of Separation”

Scandal 3/21 Live-blogging

10:01: …aaaaaand we’re back! After almost a month, Scadal is back, and so is my black Twitter! For about an hour a week (yeah, it’s sad but I relish in it), my Twitterverse (read: the folks who MATTER and aren’t Hootsuite-ing and TweetDeck-ing corps) is alive and well, and everyone has #Scandal on their fingertips. Continue reading “Scandal 3/21 Live-blogging”

My Tufts Daily Column (3/14): To Do: do.

Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders To-do: Do. By Brionna Jimerson   Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013 I refuse to believe I am alone in this, so, question: Do you spend more time making to-do lists than doing? I will be very blunt right now: The absurdly vague task “figure it out” has shifted from one ofContinue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (3/14): To Do: do.”

My Tufts Daily Column (3/7) — 73 Days, but who’s counting?

Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders 73 Days — but who’s counting? By Published: Thursday, March 7, 2013 One of my best friends’ Twitter byline reads, “May 19, 2013, 11:30 a.m. in the J Field,” the time and place of his graduation ceremony. I think he is over the 76 Days celebration. Anyway, last Sunday weContinue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (3/7) — 73 Days, but who’s counting?”

My Tufts Daily Column (3/1) — The S-word

Brionna Jimerson | Respect your elders The S-word By Published: Friday, March 1, 2013 Should.” The hell. Seriously, why do we still employ this word when talking about ourselves? I should have written this column five days ago, but here I am, after deadline, piecing my thoughts together in some 600-word cohesive something. Sorry to shatterContinue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (3/1) — The S-word”

My Tufts Daily Column (2/21) – Where is the symposium on family diplomacy?

Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders Where is the symposium on family diplomacy? Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 Welcome to spring symposium season at Tufts. In the coming weeks, you will be flooded with scholars, panels, invites, experts and roving students in search of their next free lunch in the Cabot Auditorium lobby or catered receptionContinue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (2/21) – Where is the symposium on family diplomacy?”

My Tufts Daily Column (2/14) – A B.A. in “Minding my own Business”

  Brionna Jimerson | Respect Your Elders A B.A. in ‘Minding my own Business’ Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013 To date, I’ve named and claimed over 15 majors over the last four years. Now take a breath, and smile−−you are officially more decisive than I am. For about a week, I was a biology major, andContinue reading “My Tufts Daily Column (2/14) – A B.A. in “Minding my own Business””

My First Tufts Daily Column: Respect Your Elders

This semester should officially be known as my “Daily” semester: I’m working as Managing Editor, I’m writing for Arts/News (when I damn well feel like it, or when there’s an exceptionally amazing episode of Real Housewives on), and I’m  a Features columnist! Cue the daily Daily overload. My weekly Features column is called “Respect YourContinue reading “My First Tufts Daily Column: Respect Your Elders”

On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder

Alright, full disclosure. I hoard. I hoard people. Before you Google episodes of “True Life: I Hoard…People…?” (spoiler: they don’t exist), and consider signing me up for an intervention (please don’t, it’s my last semester, and I don’t got time for that), remember back to about a year ago when I discussed the airy sensationContinue reading “On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder”