So…what’s new with you?

VIDEO: Parapenting magic!  What’s new with me (please, feign interest. It’ll make it go by faster): I’ve been in Talloires, France for about a month now, enjoying the sun, the beach, classes, and the nectar of the heavens: French food. I’ve yet to consume something that I downright didn’t like. Yes, I like some dishes betterContinue reading “So…what’s new with you?”

Meanwhile, in France…

Hello, readers! There’s no excuse for my neglect, and for this I’m sorry. The semester ended somewhat messily, but all is done, and behind me. What’s new: I”m a co-exec for the Tufts Daily New Media Department! I’ll still stay on as a News editor, but not on the masthead (can’t be on the mastheadContinue reading “Meanwhile, in France…”

My first gallery review! Boston MFA “The Allure of Japan” exhibit!

For MONTHS now (seriously, at least 14 months now), I’ve been telling myself I’d write a gallery review for the Daily. I love art galleries. I love writing. Do we see an overlap here? The idea perpetually fell on the academic and social backburner, existing only in my GoogleCalendar through weekly event reminders to “visitContinue reading “My first gallery review! Boston MFA “The Allure of Japan” exhibit!”

Cleaning out email inbox: journalistic hoarding: E-Hoarding.

Does anyone else do this: save the voice recordings of interviews, talks, etc (all acquired with permission, of course!), on a flashdrive or in your mailbox? What about saving all relevant notes and versions of an article in several word documents? What about keeping all pieces of literature, hand-outs, press releases, or scheduling correspondences inContinue reading “Cleaning out email inbox: journalistic hoarding: E-Hoarding.”

Latest Article: Game of Thrones season 2 premiere review!

Adam Cohen and I tag-teamed this article! We’re both GoT fans (I am now, thanks to him and his father’s subscription to HBOGo). For the season premiere, we decided to write a review for the Tufts Daily. Unfortunately, the article didn’t run in time (we wrote it last week), and since a new episode airedContinue reading “Latest Article: Game of Thrones season 2 premiere review!”

Funny thing, how life gets in the way.

I’m sure it’s the same with most people–a to-do list that’s a mile long, filled with things that you’d rather not do–tedious tasks, energy-dependent assignments that you justdontwannado, excuses, reasons, excuses. Long story short, I’ve been putting “rest” on my to-do list for a while now. Scary time when you have to include “resting” amongContinue reading “Funny thing, how life gets in the way.”

Latest Article: Mass. legislature to consider paid sick days for employees

This article was incredibly enjoyable to write, believe it or not! I attended the rally (cited in the article). I’m usually not one for large gatherings like protests, etc, but it was a wonderful experience, hearign the pov’s of strangers, and being challenged. Challenge is sometimes necessary. Anyway, on with the article! **I’m not allowedContinue reading “Latest Article: Mass. legislature to consider paid sick days for employees”

Latest Article: Fletcher Professor Nasr named dean at Johns Hopkins

Fletcher professor Nasr named dean at Johns Hopkins Published: Thursday, April 5, 2012 Updated: Thursday, April 5, 2012 17:04 Fletcher School Professor of International Politics Vali Nasr will leave Tufts after this semester to become dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. Dean of the Fletcher School ofContinue reading “Latest Article: Fletcher Professor Nasr named dean at Johns Hopkins”

Moonlighting @ HerCampus Tufts

SO! About a week ago, I decided to branch out on campus, and join another literary outlet on campus, with the Tufts branch of the startup, HerCampus. Anyway, here it is! Writing in an expository frame was incredibly exciting! Spring Break 2012: “Staycation” Ideas Tuesday, March 13, 2012 By Brionna Jimerson Who says that as aContinue reading “Moonlighting @ HerCampus Tufts”

Latest article: Jumbo Janitor Alliance hosts discussion forum

By Brionna Jimerson Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 08:03   The Tufts Daily Jumbo Janitor Alliance (JJA) last night hosted a discussion forum with members of the Tufts janitorial staff, the union representatives and students to discuss workers’ rights and their role at the university. Jumbo Janitor Alliance (JJA) last night organized andContinue reading “Latest article: Jumbo Janitor Alliance hosts discussion forum”

Latest article: Tufts launches Office Intercultural and Social Identities Program

This article was interesting to write, a good study in objectivity. I’ll come back to share my opinions soon. Is “separating” oneself from a story even possible? Aren’t stories, isn’t news inherently biased? How do I wear my “caps” simultaneously, or will my views “poison” the story? Is it poisoning, or healing? BAH! Anyway, I’m happy withContinue reading “Latest article: Tufts launches Office Intercultural and Social Identities Program”

Live-blogging: The 84th Academy Awards

I’m officially on Team Viola. But that’s another story. Tonight, I’ll liveblog the Academy Awards! I’m not one for award shows (VMA’s, Golden Globes, SAG, Grammy’s etc), but every once in a while, I’ll tune in and see what happens. I recognize that ‘The Academy’ has a history of snubbing more than deserving films, directors,Continue reading “Live-blogging: The 84th Academy Awards”

Latest Article: Dr. Cornel West at Tufts (in other news: I died)

So. Dr. Cornel West. With his controversial politics and black church-infused rhetoric, it seems that everyone has an opinion on Dr. West and his political and social agenda. What does one do when face-to-face with the Good Doctor, with upwacrds of 20 minutes to spare? Interview? check. Video interview? check. Talk politics and whatnot, shootingContinue reading “Latest Article: Dr. Cornel West at Tufts (in other news: I died)”

Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?

I give credit where credit is due. During my summer at The Observer, I was able to watch a true editor, team-builder, innovator, and manager work. Under Elizabeth Spiers, the editor-in-chief at The Observer, I began to understand the importance of creating a team of people, and learning from the best. *aaand scene on theContinue reading “Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?”

Latest Article: TCU Senate survey reveals campus climate, despite low response rate

An article about the Tuft TCU enate, an their goingon. I’m not on the “enate beat”, but when none of my writer coul take the aignment, I went ahea an wrote on it. TCU Senate survey response rate down By Brionna Jimerson Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 The annual Senate survey, distributed in the fall, is usedContinue reading “Latest Article: TCU Senate survey reveals campus climate, despite low response rate”

Latest Article: BrandHaiti Symposium at Tufts

This week will be another busy one for the Daily, as we get used to this familiar discomfort of sharing a cramped space between upwards of five sections, not to mention the layout and production teams. I’ve taken something of a break for the week from the Daily, until I write about Cornell West onContinue reading “Latest Article: BrandHaiti Symposium at Tufts”

Latest Article: World Bank VP visits Tufts Fletcher School School of Law and Diplomacy

This week was a busy one for The Daily. We’ve been operating out of a make-shift office (thanks to flooding in the Daily office!), and the execs of each section have been under a lot of stress. I’ve written a lot this week, after taking on 2 extra articles, with one being put on theContinue reading “Latest Article: World Bank VP visits Tufts Fletcher School School of Law and Diplomacy”

My first foray into news-features writing. And it’s about cookies.

At The Daily, I’m a news writer. When times are better, I write for arts (gallery reviews, TV reviews, film reviews, etc.) I’m committed to my section, and I believe I help make The Daily more readable, informative, and forward-thinking when it comes to coverage. But sometimes I just wanna have fun, and try somethingContinue reading “My first foray into news-features writing. And it’s about cookies.”

Latest Article: ChildObesity180 recieves $7 million grant

Here’s my latest piece of writing for the Daily, about the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy! Enjoy! And put that cookie down. Friedman School gets grant for obesity study By Brionna Jimerson Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 05:02 The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy has publicly launched ChildObesity180 afterContinue reading “Latest Article: ChildObesity180 recieves $7 million grant”