Brionna J.: “Thirteen” Slideshow

This is my idea of art as process. I made this one night when I was bored, and clicking through art history websites. good times. enjoy! To play: play the song “thirteen” by Ben Kweller when you start the slideshow. i synced them up pretty well, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Thirteen Slideshow

Brionna J.: Last Week Loveliness

Friday, in haiku (see previous post if you don’t know about my relationship with haikus) CAMPUS WALK what a moment when mental maps fail and we are at the whims of peers. MEDITATION eyeballs reeling from behind flaps of skin, all i see are dew drops, leaves. MY LIE i choose to believe that all ofContinue reading “Brionna J.: Last Week Loveliness”

Brionna J: Stumbling Along…

I hope I’m using this blog correctly! I’m finding that the fear of losing art/ losing what’s “beautiful” in the world, keeps me anxious. I go onto this site,, almost daily. My roomate from sophomore year introduced me to the site (during finals week of fall semester–how untimely), and I’ve been in love withContinue reading “Brionna J: Stumbling Along…”

Brionna Jimerson: The Sea as Its Own Governess

I’m taking a course this semester,  American Studies 188: Slavery’s Optic Glass. The discussion so far has considered the American slave trade, and its significance and impacts on American literature for centuries thereafter. In the class, I think of the sea as its own governess, its own power entity and nation-state. Prof. Clytus commented howContinue reading “Brionna Jimerson: The Sea as Its Own Governess”