On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder

Alright, full disclosure. I hoard. I hoard people. Before you Google episodes of “True Life: I Hoard…People…?” (spoiler: they don’t exist), and consider signing me up for an intervention (please don’t, it’s my last semester, and I don’t got time for that), remember back to about a year ago when I discussed the airy sensationContinue reading “On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder”

A purpose-driven blog

A wonderful friend of mine has RSS alerts set up for this very blog, and takes the sweetest pleasure in reminding me that “reliable content and quality create loyalty”, not site themes or widgets, regardless of the AMAZINGNESS of my Pinterest page. So, to quiet this petulant bestie, I post. Here, world. Another WordPress post,Continue reading “A purpose-driven blog”

XOXO: Live-blogging Gossip Girl series finale

Join me as I liveblog the series finale episode of Gossip Girl! After five years, countless headbands (don’t lie…), and over 100 episodes, the show that taught a public school generation about high society power grabs and super-rich-kid machiavellianism is neatly packing up its LV carry-on bag, and setting out for the wild unknown ofContinue reading “XOXO: Live-blogging Gossip Girl series finale”

Recent article: Substance unsurprisingly lacking in “Real Housewives” reunion special

Any excuse opportunity to turn my reality TV habit into writing is a welcome one! I’ve been into RHONY since season one, day one (for the record: Bethenny all the way). The season finale of season five left me wanting. In short: ‘meh’ and transparent. Even for RH standards. Is it the editing, or the ladies? Continue reading “Recent article: Substance unsurprisingly lacking in “Real Housewives” reunion special”

Boston Fashion Week: Merrily we flow along

Thanks to the ever-impressive and talented photographer Justin McCallum, I found myself at Boston Fashion Week on a blustery September weekend! Long story short: the fashions. My god, the fashions.  For a full photospread, visit JumboSlice blog, and read below for my take on several of the weekend’s best shows! Did I MENTION THE FASHIONS?Continue reading “Boston Fashion Week: Merrily we flow along”

And now, for something completely different!

A few things have been saving my life lately (aside from the obvious, of course ;-)) 1. My Black Feminist Theories readings. No words. But I’ll try to find them. Essentially, there’s nothing quite as empowering, awe-inspiring, and frightening as reading the stories, histories, research, findings, etc of black women regarding what it means toContinue reading “And now, for something completely different!”

First (print!) article of the semester! Interview with Provost David Harris

New university provost David Harris brings experience, fresh ideas to the Hill By Brionna Jimerson Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 09:09 Provost David Harris sat down with the Daily to discuss his history at Cornell and his future at Tufts. As a sociologist, dean, Obama administration advisor and the interim head of CornellContinue reading “First (print!) article of the semester! Interview with Provost David Harris”

We’re gonna have a good day.

This exchange happened a couple of days ago. I can still feel the dull, throbbing burn.  My boss, to me: “Brionna, send me your story ideas for Basic Black?” Me: scours emails I sent to myself, my Google Docs, notebooks for story ideas from earlier in the summer Her (one minute later): “Did you sendContinue reading “We’re gonna have a good day.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I was ELATED to hear about Elizabeth leaving her EiC position at The Observer to focus on her own endeavors and a startup! Her new endeavor sounds like a worthy undertaking! Under her watch I can tell The Observer has grown by leaps and bounds. She’s truly a self-made woman, a powerhouse, and a creditContinue reading “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

Let’s go to the movies! …too soon? Reflections on the cinema in the wake of Aurora, CO killings

FIRST: As we criticize, analyze, and politicize the happenings in Aurora, Colorado a few days back, let’s not forget to PRAY for the victims, both living and deceased, their families, and for changes in the systems of power that spend so much time policing the Hakeem’s and Juan’s of the world that they let theContinue reading “Let’s go to the movies! …too soon? Reflections on the cinema in the wake of Aurora, CO killings”

Reflections on a weekend of film, in light of Colorado shooting

It’s disgusting to read that the Colorado “thing” is done–it’s a story Americans are familiar with, with an almost predictable “plot”–we cry, we mourn, we talk, we talk in circles, we plan, we don’t commit, we move on with the news cycle. But these are lives, not a story du jour. Can we put thisContinue reading “Reflections on a weekend of film, in light of Colorado shooting”

So…what’s new with you?

VIDEO: Parapenting magic!  What’s new with me (please, feign interest. It’ll make it go by faster): I’ve been in Talloires, France for about a month now, enjoying the sun, the beach, classes, and the nectar of the heavens: French food. I’ve yet to consume something that I downright didn’t like. Yes, I like some dishes betterContinue reading “So…what’s new with you?”

Meanwhile, in France…

Hello, readers! There’s no excuse for my neglect, and for this I’m sorry. The semester ended somewhat messily, but all is done, and behind me. What’s new: I”m a co-exec for the Tufts Daily New Media Department! I’ll still stay on as a News editor, but not on the masthead (can’t be on the mastheadContinue reading “Meanwhile, in France…”

Cleaning out email inbox: journalistic hoarding: E-Hoarding.

Does anyone else do this: save the voice recordings of interviews, talks, etc (all acquired with permission, of course!), on a flashdrive or in your mailbox? What about saving all relevant notes and versions of an article in several word documents? What about keeping all pieces of literature, hand-outs, press releases, or scheduling correspondences inContinue reading “Cleaning out email inbox: journalistic hoarding: E-Hoarding.”