Latest Article: Game of Thrones season 2 premiere review!

Adam Cohen and I tag-teamed this article! We’re both GoT fans (I am now, thanks to him and his father’s subscription to HBOGo). For the season premiere, we decided to write a review for the Tufts Daily. Unfortunately, the article didn’t run in time (we wrote it last week), and since a new episode airedContinue reading “Latest Article: Game of Thrones season 2 premiere review!”

Funny thing, how life gets in the way.

I’m sure it’s the same with most people–a to-do list that’s a mile long, filled with things that you’d rather not do–tedious tasks, energy-dependent assignments that you justdontwannado, excuses, reasons, excuses. Long story short, I’ve been putting “rest” on my to-do list for a while now. Scary time when you have to include “resting” amongContinue reading “Funny thing, how life gets in the way.”

Latest Article: Mass. legislature to consider paid sick days for employees

This article was incredibly enjoyable to write, believe it or not! I attended the rally (cited in the article). I’m usually not one for large gatherings like protests, etc, but it was a wonderful experience, hearign the pov’s of strangers, and being challenged. Challenge is sometimes necessary. Anyway, on with the article! **I’m not allowedContinue reading “Latest Article: Mass. legislature to consider paid sick days for employees”

Moonlighting @ HerCampus Tufts

SO! About a week ago, I decided to branch out on campus, and join another literary outlet on campus, with the Tufts branch of the startup, HerCampus. Anyway, here it is! Writing in an expository frame was incredibly exciting! Spring Break 2012: “Staycation” Ideas Tuesday, March 13, 2012 By Brionna Jimerson Who says that as aContinue reading “Moonlighting @ HerCampus Tufts”

Live-blogging: The 84th Academy Awards

I’m officially on Team Viola. But that’s another story. Tonight, I’ll liveblog the Academy Awards! I’m not one for award shows (VMA’s, Golden Globes, SAG, Grammy’s etc), but every once in a while, I’ll tune in and see what happens. I recognize that ‘The Academy’ has a history of snubbing more than deserving films, directors,Continue reading “Live-blogging: The 84th Academy Awards”

Latest Article: Dr. Cornel West at Tufts (in other news: I died)

So. Dr. Cornel West. With his controversial politics and black church-infused rhetoric, it seems that everyone has an opinion on Dr. West and his political and social agenda. What does one do when face-to-face with the Good Doctor, with upwacrds of 20 minutes to spare? Interview? check. Video interview? check. Talk politics and whatnot, shootingContinue reading “Latest Article: Dr. Cornel West at Tufts (in other news: I died)”

Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?

I give credit where credit is due. During my summer at The Observer, I was able to watch a true editor, team-builder, innovator, and manager work. Under Elizabeth Spiers, the editor-in-chief at The Observer, I began to understand the importance of creating a team of people, and learning from the best. *aaand scene on theContinue reading “Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?”

My first foray into news-features writing. And it’s about cookies.

At The Daily, I’m a news writer. When times are better, I write for arts (gallery reviews, TV reviews, film reviews, etc.) I’m committed to my section, and I believe I help make The Daily more readable, informative, and forward-thinking when it comes to coverage. But sometimes I just wanna have fun, and try somethingContinue reading “My first foray into news-features writing. And it’s about cookies.”

Purging for Spring 2012: don’t watch. It’ll just hurt more.

Spring cleaning, indeed. In the photo above, you’ll see copies of the Tufts Daily, all with articles I’ve written. They’ve amassed since my freshman fall, to over 200 copies of newspapers. 225 to be exact. You’re only seeing a portion of the mayhem. By the end of my purge, I was mid-calf-deep in papers (all recycled, ofContinue reading “Purging for Spring 2012: don’t watch. It’ll just hurt more.”

Latest article: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale review

Every once in a while, my trashTV habit results in a show review for the Tufts Daily. By “trash TV”, I mean every episode of every season (except Miami–seriously, Bravo, WTH was THAT?) of any “Housewives” series Bravo throws at my face  offers up to me. Last time, it was the Atlanta Housewives. Up next:Continue reading “Latest article: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale review”

Live-blogging State of the Union Address

My first public foray into understanding national politics/ becoming more “politically aware”, for my own understanding and education. Let’s go. I’m prepping to watch The State of the Union with Tufts IPC (a group from Tisch Scholars/ Tisch College of Active Citizenship), and, with any luck, I won’t be that girl who doesn’t know the namesContinue reading “Live-blogging State of the Union Address”

Cruising the Political Ebb and Flow: Update

Since the beginning of the month, and with the onset of the presidential election perfectly solidified (for better or for worse), I vowed to become more politically aware and informed. It’s an ordeal. Go ahead. Google “2012 election”. And sift through the crap. Don’t wade too deep, you’ll find yourself entrenched. Promise. Wikipedia has beenContinue reading “Cruising the Political Ebb and Flow: Update”

Allergic to Politics? Time to Stop Sipping on the Bicameral Syrup

Take the Red Pill. WARNING: nausea should be expected. My internet homepage is The New York Times. In these wee hours, after checking my semester grades online (hint: winning), I clicked on the homepage link. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually read  the homepage unless I’m looking for something in particular, or have time likeContinue reading “Allergic to Politics? Time to Stop Sipping on the Bicameral Syrup”

An Obligatory New Years Eve post.

2011 snuck up on us, just to slip by, there’s no denying it. But  for some reason, the new year didn’t seem to bring the revelry and cheer it usually denotes. It was my first New Year’s Eve as a “full fledged adult”–I turned 21 the day after Christmas–and I buried my 2012 woes in a mixContinue reading “An Obligatory New Years Eve post.”

Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Brionna Does Finances. Hard.

UPDATE: 12/30/11: …I just closed out a chat window with an INCREDIBLY aggressive, yet well-informed bank chat assistant. I was thisclose to applying for a credit card I had NO intention of researching/ using, and in a fit of clarity (okay, self-induced panic), I X’d out of the chat, and exhaled. Over-dramatic? Yes. Necessary? MethinksContinue reading “Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Brionna Does Finances. Hard.”

Christmas Morning Live-blogging.

8:24 am: Woke up about 10 minutes ago after much prodding, made my way downstairs to the Charlie Brown theme song. Good Morning, Jesus! 8:30 am: First gift of the season: a copy of Essence Magazine, Decor magazine, and Small Room Decorating. Winning. Leah “Santa” Keith-Clause knows me well. 8:31 am: KAHLUA CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!111 #alcoholischocolatey. 8:35 am: SoContinue reading “Christmas Morning Live-blogging.”

Christmas Eve News Programming: O’ Come, All Ye Slow Pitches…

I’m sitting in nowhere-ville, PA (Bucks County, actually), with my boyfriend and his family, enjoying a picturesque Christmas scene: a hearty fire 3 feet to my right, a gravity-defying Christmas tree with too many ornaments to count and lights that blink to Kanye West’s “Golddigger” at my left (I’m making up one of those descriptions.Continue reading “Christmas Eve News Programming: O’ Come, All Ye Slow Pitches…”