Live-blogging State of the Union Address

My first public foray into understanding national politics/ becoming more “politically aware”, for my own understanding and education. Let’s go. I’m prepping to watch The State of the Union with Tufts IPC (a group from Tisch Scholars/ Tisch College of Active Citizenship), and, with any luck, I won’t be that girl who doesn’t know the namesContinue reading “Live-blogging State of the Union Address”

Allergic to Politics? Time to Stop Sipping on the Bicameral Syrup

Take the Red Pill. WARNING: nausea should be expected. My internet homepage is The New York Times. In these wee hours, after checking my semester grades online (hint: winning), I clicked on the homepage link. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually read  the homepage unless I’m looking for something in particular, or have time likeContinue reading “Allergic to Politics? Time to Stop Sipping on the Bicameral Syrup”

An Obligatory New Years Eve post.

2011 snuck up on us, just to slip by, there’s no denying it. But  for some reason, the new year didn’t seem to bring the revelry and cheer it usually denotes. It was my first New Year’s Eve as a “full fledged adult”–I turned 21 the day after Christmas–and I buried my 2012 woes in a mixContinue reading “An Obligatory New Years Eve post.”

Christmas Eve News Programming: O’ Come, All Ye Slow Pitches…

I’m sitting in nowhere-ville, PA (Bucks County, actually), with my boyfriend and his family, enjoying a picturesque Christmas scene: a hearty fire 3 feet to my right, a gravity-defying Christmas tree with too many ornaments to count and lights that blink to Kanye West’s “Golddigger” at my left (I’m making up one of those descriptions.Continue reading “Christmas Eve News Programming: O’ Come, All Ye Slow Pitches…”

My Favorite New York Observer writings: judge gently.

Wow, I interned at The Observer a little over 4 months ago. Time flies. I remember my first day, I showed up in jeans and converse (my superior told me such a dress code was more than appropriate) and a nice top with a cheap blazer over it. Somewhere between my first day and myContinue reading “My Favorite New York Observer writings: judge gently.”