On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder

Alright, full disclosure. I hoard. I hoard people. Before you Google episodes of “True Life: I Hoard…People…?” (spoiler: they don’t exist), and consider signing me up for an intervention (please don’t, it’s my last semester, and I don’t got time for that), remember back to about a year ago when I discussed the airy sensationContinue reading “On Twitter imbalances, being a people hoarder”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I was ELATED to hear about Elizabeth leaving her EiC position at The Observer to focus on her own endeavors and a startup! Her new endeavor sounds like a worthy undertaking! Under her watch I can tell The Observer has grown by leaps and bounds. She’s truly a self-made woman, a powerhouse, and a creditContinue reading “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?

I give credit where credit is due. During my summer at The Observer, I was able to watch a true editor, team-builder, innovator, and manager work. Under Elizabeth Spiers, the editor-in-chief at The Observer, I began to understand the importance of creating a team of people, and learning from the best. *aaand scene on theContinue reading “Journalism 101: E-style profile writing? Anyone? Anyone?”

My Favorite New York Observer writings: judge gently.

Wow, I interned at The Observer a little over 4 months ago. Time flies. I remember my first day, I showed up in jeans and converse (my superior told me such a dress code was more than appropriate) and a nice top with a cheap blazer over it. Somewhere between my first day and myContinue reading “My Favorite New York Observer writings: judge gently.”