Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.

It’s beginning to feel like the blog section of this site is a compilation of “Wait! Serious! It gets better I’ll get better!” posts, with lots of promises and good intentions. The road to blog/website failure is paved with good intentions. Such is my life. But no, seriously guys, it’s about to get better, knowContinue reading “Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.”

“Scandal” Live-blogging 5/2

Mellie is threatening to expose Fitz and Olivia on live TV unless he lives Olivia. Spoiler alert: Cyrus is probably the mole. Huck is feeling a bit better, thank God, and I noticed Ms. Quinn has discovered eyeliner and lip tint. Jake is following Olivia around as per Fitz’s request, but he wants in on herContinue reading ““Scandal” Live-blogging 5/2″

Scandal Season 2 Finale Press Release!

Great way to start the week, a tease from the Scandal team about the season 2 finale in three weeks! Also, does anyone else love the look of Kerry’s lips when she says “Fitz”? RELEASE: OLIVIA AND HER TEAM FIND THEMSELVES IN DANGER, ON THE SEASON FINALE OF ABC’S “SCANDAL” “White Hat’s Back On” –Continue reading “Scandal Season 2 Finale Press Release!”