Brionna J: Research and Final Project thus far.

My final project in this class, as it exists now, is incredibly different from my originally planned trajectory. When we began, I had wedding fever. I still have wedding fever. And I wanted to burn from the inside out, in a blaze of cheap lace and fondant. Ok, that was dramatic and uninspired. Back toContinue reading “Brionna J: Research and Final Project thus far.”

Brionna J: Kugel-inspired canvas project

I wasn’t in class on the Tuesday when the artist Steffen Kugel skype’d into class, but, through my classmates, I believe I was able to capture the essence of his lecture and the goals of tracing the trajectory of our art process through creating and re-creating a piece. The exercise was especially useful to me,Continue reading “Brionna J: Kugel-inspired canvas project”

Brionna J.: My Responses to Lily’s Questions

I thought my answers were really telling of my interests, so I decided to post my rationale on this blog. More for myself, to flesh it all out and get out of my own head, than for the class. Either way. This is an extension of my research file, so THERE! I know everyone likesContinue reading “Brionna J.: My Responses to Lily’s Questions”

Brionna J.: Reflections on Pyramid Experiment

So, constructing the pyramid ignited in me a new appreciation and interest in controlled spaces and atmospheres. At my high school, none of the windows opened/ we had air pumping throughout the building. I remember thinking that was rediculous–what happens if/ when a chemical spill in the chemistry lab circulates its fumes through the ducts?Continue reading “Brionna J.: Reflections on Pyramid Experiment”

Brionna J.:Idle Hands Make for…AWESOME BUBBLE PYRAMIDS!

Here are (more) photos from the inflatable pyramid project. While building the project, I was surprised at how accomplished I felt while taping, cutting, and fixing the structure together. It’s not every day that I do truly manual labor. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing your own creations to fruition. I was assigned theContinue reading “Brionna J.:Idle Hands Make for…AWESOME BUBBLE PYRAMIDS!”

Brionna J.: Being Art as Process: Photos from last week with Sarah

Some shots of us being ‘art as process’, in my opinion. Sarah came and spoke with us on her work, and the sometimes delightful futility of being an artist. I realized that I sometimes hold prejudices against professional artists, and consider some of them to be wasteful, self-centered showcases of themselves. Not true. The sameContinue reading “Brionna J.: Being Art as Process: Photos from last week with Sarah”

Brionna J.: Haikus on Inspiration

Since my freshman year of college, I’ve been (mildly) obsessed with the art of the haiku. It started as an inside joke with some college friends, but grew into a ritual–I sometimes create haikus without realizing it!! After seeing Beau Sia perform at Tufts my freshman year, my friends and I became completely enamored withContinue reading “Brionna J.: Haikus on Inspiration”

Brionna J.: “Thirteen” Slideshow

This is my idea of art as process. I made this one night when I was bored, and clicking through art history websites. good times. enjoy! To play: play the song “thirteen” by Ben Kweller when you start the slideshow. i synced them up pretty well, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Thirteen Slideshow

Brionna J.: Last Week Loveliness

Friday, in haiku (see previous post if you don’t know about my relationship with haikus) CAMPUS WALK what a moment when mental maps fail and we are at the whims of peers. MEDITATION eyeballs reeling from behind flaps of skin, all i see are dew drops, leaves. MY LIE i choose to believe that all ofContinue reading “Brionna J.: Last Week Loveliness”

Brionna J: Stumbling Along…

I hope I’m using this blog correctly! I’m finding that the fear of losing art/ losing what’s “beautiful” in the world, keeps me anxious. I go onto this site,, almost daily. My roomate from sophomore year introduced me to the site (during finals week of fall semester–how untimely), and I’ve been in love withContinue reading “Brionna J: Stumbling Along…”

Brionna Jimerson: The Sea as Its Own Governess

I’m taking a course this semester,  American Studies 188: Slavery’s Optic Glass. The discussion so far has considered the American slave trade, and its significance and impacts on American literature for centuries thereafter. In the class, I think of the sea as its own governess, its own power entity and nation-state. Prof. Clytus commented howContinue reading “Brionna Jimerson: The Sea as Its Own Governess”