Post-graduation, and the living’s….interesting.

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It’s beginning to feel like the blog section of this site is a compilation of “Wait! Serious! It gets better I’ll get better!” posts, with lots of promises and good intentions.

The road to blog/website failure is paved with good intentions. Such is my life.

But no, seriously guys, it’s about to get better, know why?


*Cue every get-pumped-up Yeezy song, beginning with “Good Life“, then imagine me doing the Diddy Jet Dance*


Yes! It’s officially a wrap, I’m a college graduate. Tufts definitely felt like four years of my life, and I’m so much stronger for it. Not even being insincere. But I didn’t feel any of that “ohnooo, college is overrrr, it’s sooo saaaad” mess.  More than anything I’ll miss my absolute best friends and support system and those rare reading lists/syllabi where EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT seemed interesting and valuable,  but I’m not feeling all “what will I do without a meal plan?” about the situation.